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a benefit to support law enforcement familieS

Corks & Coppers


Hollister, CA






We desire to bring faith-based encouragement, support, mental health awareness, and education to our law enforcement families to help decrease divorce, suicide, depression, and PTSD/I among Peace Officers and their families.


To see law enforcement families thrive in all aspects of their lives. Healthy policing begins at home. 




This is why we do what we do

“Faith.wife.hero did a great job of providing a safe and comfortable space for their conference. There was relevant content for both myself and my officer. Even though my children were too young to sit through the speakers, they were welcomed with open arms.”

Michelle, Bay Area Police Wife

“I loved meeting new wives. It was my first time attending one, and it was more than I expected.”



Anonymous, Bay Area Police Wife

“I brought my teen with me. We received very valuable information that was validating.”

Anonymous, Bay Area Police Wife

“I attended my very first Peace Officer Wives Conference organized by Faith.Wife.Hero at eight months pregnant. I left the conference with much more than I anticipated. I was touched by the testimonies that were shared, and my eyes and heart were opened to the realities, the joys along with the struggles, of being an officer’s wife, especially since my husband was fairly new in his role as an officer. I gained valuable lessons on how to best support my husband in his calling, and how to cope with both the ups and downs of his experiences in the field".

Cherry, Bay Area Police Wife

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We Care 

Because They Care

  • Coaching & Mentoring: Our Team is available by email, phone, social media, and in person meet-ups (northern CA region)

  • Resources: Connecting you to valuable resources such as support groups, therapist, counseling, coaches, retreats, materials and much more

  • Peer Support: We have trained Peer Support board members that can help debrief and support during critical incidents

  • Homeschooling: We have board members available to help answer questions and guidance

  • Essential Needs: Family Food Boxes, Care Baskets, Blue Care Bags are provided to those who are going through a difficult time

  • Zoom Sessions: Are held periodically to offer group setting Check-In's and Spousal Critical Incident Debriefs

  • Faith Based Resources: We have board members available for prayer and biblical coaching

  • Educational Material: We are constantly developing materials to help support our spouses

  • Networking Sessions & Conferences: Yearly gatherings held at a minimal cost to help inspire and educate our spouses

  • Bereavement Support: We have board members available during and after a tragic incident or loss

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