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Experience the Benefits of Being a Peace Officer Wife with Us


Supportive Community

Discover a supportive community where women inspire, interact, and build positive friendships. Join us at our next gathering and be part of a community that offers unwavering support.


Your Story: Share Your Journey

We know their is value in ones life story. Our community is built on sharing our law enforcement experience and recognizing that we are more a like than different. We believe that our stories can help transform and change lives. Join us at our next event, set in a nurturing environment where you can connect with other women who understand the unique challenges and joys of being a peace officer's wife.


Empowering Peace Officer Wives through Education

We understand that the law enforcement career can be challenging not just for officers, but also for their families. We provide valuable resources and information to help you navigate this unique lifestyle, including tips for balancing work and family life, managing stress, and building a support network. Join us at one of our educational events where you will feel confident and prepared as you navigate the peace officer wife life.

Wise woman

Transform Your Peace Officer Wife Life with Support and Guidance

At Peace Officer Wives of California, we understand the unique challenges that come from being a member of law enforcement families. That’s why we offer a wide array of services to help you navigate personal and professional struggles. Our team of professional life coaches and therapists can provide mentoring, coaching, and consulting in areas such as homeschooling, spiritual guidance, mental health, bevearment support, home life and more. We’re here to provide you with the tools, resources, and support you need to thrive.



Law Enforcement Family Day

At The Ranch 


Gilroy, CA

LE Family Ranch Pic.jpg

Law Enforcement Family Day

At The Ranch 


Gilroy, CA

Coffee Break

But First Coffee

Impromptu Casual Meet-Ups

Building a community where women can gather,

build friendships, and support one another

For wives and women in a relationship with a peace officer.


Morgan Hill, CA

Family with Pets

Wise Families


Coming Soon
CorksAndCoppers (28 of 132)_websize.jpg

Corks & Coppers Benefit 2022


Hollister, CA

C&C pic.jpg

Corks & Coppers 

Benefit 2023


Hollister, CA

Read More

Wise Women Conference 2021


Gilroy, CA

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Basket and Wild Flowers

Wise Women Conference 2022


Gilroy, CA

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Corks & Coppers

Inaugural Benefit 2020 


Morgan Hill, CA

Female Presenter


Same Support Gathering,

Different locations

10.10.20 Gilroy, CA

11.14.20 San Mateo, CA

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Thriving In Our Law Enforcement Life


Mountain View, CA



Roseville, CA

Peace Officer Wives Conference 2017


Palo Alto, CA

Blessed Are The Peacemakers


San Mateo, CA

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