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Crystal Ienni, Founder and President of Peace Officer Wives of California Inc. (Faith.Wife.Hero) started this organization with a calling that was placed on her heart. Crystal is a seasoned police wife herself. She has first-hand knowledge of how much support and encouragement are needed within the law enforcement wife's life. She felt and saw the need to gather wives of peace officers in a safe, positive, and encouraging environment. She wants to ensure that no wife feels alone through this blue life journey and has access to a positive and encouraging support network.

Crystal and her Hero were married for six years before he joined the blue family with a department in Southern California. After 5 years of faithful service, they made the decision to make a law enforcement career relocation by moving 400 miles north from family and friends. He is now serving and protecting with a department in Northern California. Crystal and Hero have planted their roots in the Bay Area and continue to proudly stand behind the badge.


When the organization was first established Crystal found it suitable to call it Faith.Wife.Hero. When the organization decided to move forward and file for its nonprofit status it had to find a name that the state of California would recognize and approve. Peace Officer Wives of California Inc. is now the official non-profit name. Many of their followers still acknowledge and call the organization by its original name Faith.Wife.Hero so the flourishing non-profit has embraced the two names. 


Peace Officer Wives of California Inc. (Faith.Wife.Hero)

came to flourish in February 2017. Since the establishment of the non-profit organization, they have reached over 400 wives/loved ones and have impacted over 700 law enforcement families through their training, networking sessions, conferences, and events.

Faith.Wife.Hero sees the importance of caring for and supporting the first responder families. In November 2018 the nation's deadliest wildfire in California history destroyed over 153 acres, taking many lives, and homes, and destroying complete towns. Volunteering is one of the many ways Faith.Wife.Hero offers their support to first responders and their families. With the generous aid of their supporters and donors, Faith.Wife.Hero became the hands and feet on the ground in helping with collecting and organizing donated items for the Camp Fire families. Collecting gifts for the "Blue Line Christmas Relief" which contributed to the 500 first responder families that were tragically affected. They also had the opportunity to adopt a first responder Camp Fire family, helping in providing and replacing home essentials that were lost in the Camp Fire. 

Faith.Wife.Hero recognizes the positive impact that volunteering creates. They encourage peace officer families to join them when the opportunity arises.


The goal of the non-profit organization is to bring Inspiration to their personal lives, Education on the law enforcement lifestyle, and Interaction between peace officer wives and their families through supportive networking sessions, training, and conferences. They look forward to Inspiring, Educating, and Interacting with the peace officer community and their families. 


Peace Officer Wives of California Inc. (Faith.Wife.Hero) helps in the circle of healthy policing. Encouraging a support system that fuels the home by educating and supporting the loved ones to create a safe place for their peace officer and themselves. This helps the peace officer decompress and recover which in return brings a good, healthy peace officer to sustain while they serve and protect our communities. The motto for the organization is "Healthy Policing Begins at Home."


With a unified board working effortlessly to try and reach and encourage the peace officer wives and their families, they look forward to seeing healthy policing in the community and thriving law enforcement homes. Each board member was carefully selected to help the organization move forward as they strive to reach its full potential in supporting the peace officer wives and their families. The board earnestly wants to see peace officer marriages, relationships, and families thrive in this very unique lifestyle.



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