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Family Meals

First Responder Families

We believe that healthy policing begins at home and what better way to support a positive home environment than to offer healthy food options? More info to come on prepared meals delivered to your door.


Prayer Warriors

First Responder Families

In this time of change and uncertainty, we want to be encouraging and supportive. Let us come along side you and support you through prayer. Send us your prayer request! We have a team of prayer warriors ready to lift up your concerns and praises.  

Peer Support

Peace Officer Spouses/Loved Ones

If there is one thing we know about as police wives, it’s how to adapt. We have become accustomed to varied schedules and last minute changes. While this doesn’t mean that we are immune to stress and anxiety, we ARE used to managing more day to day stress and anxiety than we even realize. The law enforcement life is unique. Sometimes you just need to ask another peace officer wife a question (is this normal?) We don't want you to walk this blue wife life alone.

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Personal & Financial Diary

First Responder Families

We hope this Personal and Financial Diary will help you feel confident in handling your personal business if such an occasion should arise where your hero is incapable of making decisions or has passed away. Losing a loved one in the line of duty is difficult in itself. We advise that you sit with your loved ones to complete your personal diary.

Our Diary
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Officer Safety Plan

First Responder Families

The stressors that come from the law enforcement lifestyle can take its toll on the mental health of our officer. This Officer Safety Plan is created for use before or during a suicidal or mental crisis. This form should be filled out by or with your officer. Keep this Officer Safety Plan in an area where those who care for her/him can access it and use it as a support.

Our Plan
Arts & Crafts

Spousal Processing Following a Critical Incident

First Responder Families

We understand that certain peace officer spouse groups have the desire to meet in a confidential environment following a critical incident. Our team can help facilitate a meeting by bringing inspiration, education, and interaction. If you have a group already established and would like training or support for effective communication and how to best support your peace officer please reach out to us, we are happy to gather with you.

All Hands In

POWCA Scholarships

First Responder Families

Our nonprofit is dedicated to supporting the families of peace officers. We recognize how this line of work can come with challenges that impact the peace officer and their loved ones at home. If you are going through a difficult time and have considered going to a law enforcement retreat or program but do not have the financial support to attend we want to extend our assistance. The Peace Officer Wives of CA (POWCA) scholarship is awarded for law enforcement retreats and programs. We want to have our peace officer families grow and thrive. We believe that "healthy policing begins at home".

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Covid-19 Resources

Peace Officer Spouses/Loved Ones

From our families to yours, we are here to support and encourage you. With unpredictable times we are all feeling a bit more overwhelmed as we navigate through unfamiliar territory. We want you to have resources that can help you create a well balanced home during this pandemic. We will continue to add to the resources we offer and are creating to help you streamline life as a law enforcement spouse. 

Arts & Crafts

Express Yourself

First Responder Families

We see the importance of expressing yourself in a peaceful and meaning way.

We will be hosting a series of writing and other creative work from loved ones of officers through our social media platforms in the coming weeks. All work will be shared anonymously and will hopefully give a voice to our families and showcase the humanity behind the badges. To read some of our submissions go to our Blog tab under Express Yourself. If you would like to contribute a piece to this project, please see the guidelines for submission.


Blue Care Bag Project

First Responder Families

As the morale and appreciation for our officers is declining within our communities our non-profit decided to create morale boosting Blue Care Bags for our officers & their families. We hope this little gesture will spark some joy and let our peace officer families know that they are appreciated and supported.


Our non-profit prepares and delivers these bags with the help of volunteers to local police departments. If you want to volunteer, contribute, donate, or help with delivering, email us, we could use your help.

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Comfort Care Baskets

First Responder Families

We are here to provide comfort during difficult times. We understand that critical incidents and trauma-related experiences can have a profound impact on the home, and that's why we're committed to supporting families affected by these job related issues. Our baskets are filled with care and designed to offer a ray of hope in even the darkest of situations. Each basket is uniquely created to meet the needs of the family. 

Donate and show that you care by donating to our Comfort Care Basket Fund. The donations received for this will stictly go to creating and delivering these baskets of hope.  

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Wise Woman Professional
Life Christian Coaching 

Peace Officer Spouses/Loved Ones

Coming Soon...

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