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Trauma & Treatment

 Treatment and healing should be available for the entire law enforcement household

-Crystal Ienni

Being a wife of a peace officer I can see firsthand how the job can take its toll on my Hero's mental, physical, and spiritual health. There is no denying that the law enforcement lifestyle will also try to collect its toll on me. My Hero wears the badge and I stand beside it putting us both on the front lines.  

When an officer experiences a traumatic and/or critical incident while on duty there is no doubt that their loved ones at home will feel the effects of it as well. There is no stopping it. The stressors that develop will infiltrate the home no matter how hard the officer tries to keep their loved ones from being affected. Trauma does not discriminate. You soon realize that you don't have control or a say in who, what, where, and when it can happen.  

What you do have control over is how you move forward in seeking treatment and healing. There are many resources and therapies available to an officer and very few are available to the spouse and/or the loved ones at home. This is where our non-profit comes into play. We support and are advocates of healthy law enforcement families and homes. We believe that treatment and healing should be available for the entire law enforcement household.  

Our non-profit has one fundraiser a year, Corks & Coppers (an event held in the fall) With generous donations collected one of our goals is to send a spouse to a retreat specifically designed for first responder loved ones. The First Responder Support Network offers a week-long of treatment and healing for Spouses and Significant Others (SOS). We support life-changing programs like this because we want to see law enforcement marriages, relationships, and families thrive in this very unique lifestyle.  

Today, I sat at my desk and had the honor of writing out a check to the First Responder Support Network. Peace Officer Wives of CA is sponsoring a spouse and I am thankful to the donors whose contributions allow us to come alongside and offer support to a spouse who takes the steps forward in their journey of healing. 

With a grateful heart,

Crystal IenniPresident/Founder


  1. It cost $1000 to send a spouse and/or significant other to the SOS retreat. 

  2. 30 hours of life-changing treatment will be offered. 

  3. Held in Northern California with a waiting list of 6 months - 1 year.  


Upcoming Events

Law Enforcement Family Day at the Ranch

Date: May 6, 2023

Time: 11 AM - 2 PM

Free family event

Limited numbers of tickets are available

Registration opens up on April 1st

Corks & Coppers

(Our awesome fundraising event)

 Save the date: August 5, 2023

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