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There is peace that fills my heart knowing my Hero seeks the Lord.

Now, let me state this wasn’t always the case.

It all started when his career in law enforcement drove us to cling to something that would give us peace and security. As we started to know the Lord, we found there was peace available that surpasses all understanding.

There was one time that my Hero was making a major decision for our family. This decision involved a law enforcement career relocation move 400 miles away from our family and friends.This decision was going to impact our family in a big way. I didn’t take this lightly, so I prayed. I waited and when the time was right I asked my Hero if he was seeking the Lord in this decision, he replied “yes.”

He asked if I was okay with this move, and I replied that I wanted him to be happy. I also mentioned that I would go where he felt was best for us as a family, and that as long as he was seeking the Lord, I felt reassured to follow him. I took his answer and told myself that I needed to trust him because he was trusting God. We continued to pray through this new decision.

The Lord confirmed over and over again to both of us during a period of time that this was going to happen. So as our hearts started to sync unanimously to a concept of a new journey, we started to let go and let God. Doors of opportunity started to open up in a way that only God could manage. This once uncertain decision started to become a path of certainty. Change was coming to our household and we started to notice that our faith was stronger and our love was indivisible. The Lord was growing us as a couple and family. My heart once in doubt became excited over the new endeavor. Our faith was planted and prayer was our lifeline for guidance from the Lord.

I share this with you, because at times our officer may want or need to make adjustments with their career, lifestyle, or family. It is in their nature to serve and protect and at times they may need to do that for themselves and their families.

If you are in the midst of a making a big decision, I want to encourage you to pray, and seek the Lord together. Ask the Lord to sync your hearts so you both are on the same page. Ask the Lord to close doors He does not want you to go through and open doors of opportunity. Allow your faith to grow and your love for each other as you embark in a new endeavor together.

Just know that where you go, God goes. Let go, trust, and let God.

-Crystal Ienni

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