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In Between the Noise

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

In between the noise is always a pause or silence. It may be hard to find, but it is there. Silence can be a powerful realm of awareness when you pay attention to it. One example I'll share comes from a conversation with my son. I forget what exactly we spoke about, but towards the end of our conversation one evening while my husband was at work, I uttered the words, "when Daddy gets home..." There was a pause. I echoed in my own head again “when Daddy gets home. Suddenly I noticed I began to feel a wave of emotion, choking up slightly, taking a deep breath, then eyes beginning to water.

The range of human emotion we all have been experiencing these days can feel like we are spiraling out of control. There is also so much in life that is left to interpretation. All I have to say is that FAITH has kept our family safe and well. Faith was there after I told Grayson “…when Daddy gets home”. Faith was there hand in hand with love. Faith was there as I took that deep breath. And faith continues to show itself through the eyes of my kids.

Be kind. Listen. I love you

~ Written by a Police Wife

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