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To Serve and Protect

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

My hero suits up everyday to serve and protect. It is not for the pay because you can’t put a price on life. He lives and breaths integrity. My hero is driven to help protect those who can’t protect themselves. He will take a bullet and will not even think twice about saving a life even if it meant he might lose his doing it. He has seen and he has met evil so dark your human mind can’t even fathom to comprehend. He sees and he has met the evil that lurks the streets calling innocent people to their suffering or death.

Hero is willing to endure the struggle to protect the old, the young, male, female, the human race. He doesn’t see human color, he sees life. Human life created for a purpose, made in the image of God. My hero is passionate about justice, law, and order. He believes that every human deserves to be respected, safe, and protected.

He leaves his family to serve and protect your family, your community. Some ask me why do you let him? how could you let him go? aren’t you stressed? aren’t you scared? My answer to all these questions is “yes I’m scared, yes I’m stressed”. But as a women who fears the Lord I can not take away or stand in the way of Gods calling on his life. I must remain obedient to let my hero go knowing that his calling is from the Lord. I would not be a good example of a God fearing women if I persuaded him to live or serve another way because of my fears. His calling comes with protection that only God can provide. Where God sends him, God will go before him. God has given my hero a special gift named “Jesus”. In that gift comes eternal life, the Holy Spirit, and the armor of God. Who can be against us if HE is for us! You see, my hero is different. He is not an ordinary man. God made him suitable to live and serve as a peacekeeper. He made him strong in areas that not many people can tolerate. Hero is crafted by the master Creator specifically for his career in law enforcement.

Hero has his calling to serve and protect and I have my own calling as a daughter of the King. To remain obedient in my calling as a supportive police wife. To constantly offer grace, extend forgiveness, and unconditional love to my hero. To trust in Gods grace and His calling upon us uniting us as a law enforcement couple. Moving us forward on our individual paths while we seek together the road that leads towards peace and love.

May I never forget the power of Gods protection, mercy, promises, and His faithfulness. As we brave through this law enforcement life as peacekeepers living for His glory.

Written by a Police Wife

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