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The Struggles Are Real and Raw

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

The struggles are real and raw. Moment to moment emotions swing like a pendulum, back and forth, back and forth. One side of my heart cries out while the other half of my heart wants to shout out.

Why do we feel like we have to choose a side? What is the focus and plan to help us unite not divide? Is the concept of peace to far to grasp? Everyone is tired. Homes, families, friends, churches are separating. What happened to choosing love?

What happened to being kind?

What happened to taking responsibility for our actions?

Do we really need governing authorities to intercede?

Are we not smart enough to know that we are all humanly connected regardless of our skin color.

Weeks ago families were rekindling relationships and bonding over family time. We were praising our first responders and essential workers. We were thankful and we were helpful to one another. Our concern was the health of others. The outbreak of Covid-19 was not easy to take on but communities and people were not at war with each other. If anything we were directing the loss of our freedoms and rage to those who had taken it away. Look at us now. Hate and pride has taken over our hearts. Division at its best is flowing through the human race. This is not a game where one side wins and the other loses. The human race is one race. We need to understand that when one side is defeated we all lose.

We must rise above the evil with discernment. We need to learn, love, listen and to respect one another. We can do it! I believe in the human race and the power to over come diversities that deem to separate us.

- written by a police wife

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