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Updated: Nov 16, 2018

The day has come, after 9 months of planning I was super excited to have our first annual Peace Officer Wives Conference on October 14, 2017, held in Palo Alto, CA.

A little more than 70 women gathered for a day of encouragement, equipping, and unity. We explored how to support each other, our community as well as how to cope with dramatic situations in the law enforcement environment. The day went as planned and I was blessed to see it unfold. It was a great opportunity for the Peace Officer wives from different agencies to network, share their experiences, make new friends, and to be educated on the life of their beloved Peace Officer.

We had some special speakers from Bless the Badge and Wives on Duty Ministries. The speakers filled us with so much knowledge and laughs, it made the day even better leaving with personal tips and smiles. In the later part of the day, we broke out into groups based on the number years we stood behind the badge. This allowed the women to meet in a safe environment to share, talk and realize we are more the same than different in our law enforcement wife lifestyles. Through out the conference we were able to give away some beautiful prizes that were so graciously donated from various businesses, this kept the women excited in hopes they would depart with special gift. We ended the day with a special dance performed by a group called Poiema, it was beautiful and uplifting to watch.

I was so thrilled to see the day filled with fun and encouragement. Our sponsors were so supportive in making this day happen that not one wife had to pay to attend the Peace Officer Wives conference. This free event allowed women to join together in a beautiful hotel, feast on a gourmet lunch, listen to some phenomenal speakers, who flew in from Texas, and at the end of the day found comfort and support within each other. Thank you to the various police departments who were involved in providing safety checks of our venue. Their presence through out the conference was appreciated, it made us feel safe to have the uniforms present.

I can't express enough or even put into words the great peace and gratitude I was feeling that day. The conference was a success! The women were all so beautiful to meet in person and to be able to join together was a blessing! Huge thank you many who had their hands involved. Thank you all who came out to support Faith.Wife.Hero, Peace Officer Wives of California.


Thank you to our sponsors. Please contact them and give them your "thank you".

Utilize their business and let them know that you heard of them from the Faith.Wife.Hero conference. They all very supportive and stand by our law enforcement officers and their families.

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