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January 5th, 2019 we kicked off the New Year with a bang! We held a Co-Ed event where the Peace Officer could bring their significant other and family members for a day of encouragement. Who better to have help us start off the New Year than the well-known sought out author and speaker Dr. Kevin Gilmartin. It was a vision come true for me, seeing close to 400 law enforcement families attend to be inspired and educated on the law enforcement lifestyle.

The planning for this event started early in the year of 2018 with prayer and a phone call into Dr. Gilmartin office. I read his book for the first-time last year. I was ecstatic to finally read a book that understood our law enforcement lifestyle. Dr. Gilmartin’s book is relatable, easy to read, and entertaining.

Hearing Dr. Gilmartin speak gave us some great insight on how to handle your personal life and law enforcement career. I love how family, rest, and self-care were the main topics in having a successful personal life. So simple but yet seems so difficult when you live a law enforcement lifestyle. Another highlight of the event was seeing law enforcement families come together. We had daddies and mommies holding their babies. We had young kids and teens present. I loved seeing couples sit beside each other laughing as they could relate to the stories and connecting to the topics discussed. Dr. Gilmartin is casual guy who is a great story teller and educator. His charisma to entertain the audience is fascinating.

The conference was a FREE event for our law enforcement families and we are so thankful for the continuous support from the Mountain View Public Safety Foundation and Mountain View Police Department to help make that happen. It was wonderful to offer a beautiful venue, drink PEET’s coffee, enjoy some light snacks, and watch the interaction between blue families. My heart was full and I was so blessed. I hope everyone who attended was encouraged and fulfilled. I pray that what you have learned from this event you will apply to your personal and professional life, so you may thrive in this very special law enforcement life.

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