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Updated: Oct 11, 2019


On June 29, 2019 in Roseville, CA, we put on an inspirational morning filled with self-care topics for women who stood behind the badge and supported the law enforcement lifestyle. We held the event on a Saturday from 9am-12pm. We served light healthy snacks and provided an atmosphere that was comfortable. The room was set with a water bottle, chocolate, and a folder with paperwork that the women could take home and reference what she had learned from the day. We filled the room with fresh cut flowers that filled the room with their summer fragrance. We wanted every women to walk in feeling supported and welcomed.

Living the law enforcement life can sometimes feel like a never ending cycle of doubts and disappointments. Our hope was to create an environment where we could inspire one another and encourage the women to flourish into who they were called to be. Sometimes along the way in our law enforcement lifestyle we need some encouragement that will wake us up to a personal revival or maybe we need some inspiration on how to incorporate self-care in our daily routines. When the women at home are filled, they can then help create a positive environment for their Peace Officer, home, and family so they can feel and be at their best.

So to kick off this event, we invited women to join us for a stress free morning while we touch on 5 topics of self-care; Physical, Intellectual, Social, Spiritual, and Emotional well being. We had 5 speakers who shared their stories of hope, personal revival and tips in hope that the women could learn and gain encouragement so they could turn around and apply it to their own life and in our homes. Everyone has a story to tell and by sharing our personal stories we help grow the individual we decide to share with and at the same time we acknowledge the journey we lived and how it grew us into the person who stands today.

We wanted our blue sisters to also have access to talk to to other organizations that support blue families. We set up tables with vendors and invited organizations that could offer their support and services. Having access to resources and references is vital to a healthy law enforcement life.

Overall we had a successful event. The self-care topics were covered by our speakers who did a wonderful job in keeping us entertained by the stories and information they shared. The women left feeling connected and inspired. It brings us much joy to continue to build up the law enforcement home, as we believe "healthy policing starts in the home.

Meet Our Speakers Cookie Marchese- Elda "Cookie" Marchese is a 18 year veteran of the fire service. She is a mother of 2 and is married to retired Detective Sergeant Thomas Marchese. Thomas is the Director Cinematographer of the documentary film "Fallen". Cookie will share her personal revival story and take us through her journey of how she is recovering from some of her traumatic experiences. Crystal Snyder- Having been in the financial services industry for over 19 years, Crystal spends her time working with new and existing public safety agencies to bring financial services, education to their teams through seminars and training sessions. She also meets with clients one-on-one to develop comprehensive plans that help reach their financial goals for protection and distribution. Crystal will be sharing on how we can be financially prepared and properly insured in our Blue life journey. Aja Denise- CEO, Founder, Instructor and Fitness Coach of Queen’s Studio 5 Project. The Studio began as a Project as a result of observing the lack of people of color in various fitness locations and classes. Throughout Aja's journey she has learned you can always show an individual, however, it is up to them to take the key and unlock the door! Her desire is for every man and woman to know about this movement, the foods that they are consuming, in essence everything that is toxic, whereas the items that are not toxic. We must stay informed that knowledge is power! Crystal Ienni- Founder and CEO of Peace Officer Wives of California Inc.- Faith.Wife.Hero. Crystal is a mother of 3, married to her high school sweetheart, and a seasoned law enforcement wife with over thirteen years behind the badge. It brings Crystal much joy to serve her non-profit organization and law enforcement families. She looks forward to changing how policing is viewed in the home and community. Crystal will be sharing her own personal revival story in hopes of bringing encouragement to other wives.

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