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Updated: Nov 16, 2018

The badge, a symbol of courage, integrity and authority. Given to only those who earn, respect and honor its strength.

My hero takes off his badge every night when he gets home from work. It is a relief to see that badge placed on our dresser, it is a physical sign that he is home and safe.

When my hero decided to follow his calling as an officer, I didn't know that I would be joining his calling too. When he graduated the police academy, it was an honor to pin that polished metal badge over his heart. That night at his ceremony, was the first day that the badge would start to transform his heart. A new relationship was forming, badge and hero were becoming one. It would soon become a part of his identity.

Throughout the years, I seemed to noticed that even though the badge was removed every night, it didn't remove the police mind set from my hero. That shiny piece of metal had great strength, and little did I know that the badge would start to consume my heroes ways of being day in and day out. It started to make itself comfortable in the home of his heart. Then policing became a lifestyle and no longer a choice.

As time went by, my heroes thoughts and actions would reflect more of an officer than the man I married, and little by little I noticed that pieces of him were changing. Soon the badge would begin to leave its trademark on his personality. My hero can physically remove his badge from his uniform, but the life and heart of an officer never stops engaging. With or without the badge he carries the command presence of a police officer.

Life has changed for the both of us since he has put on the badge. There is one thing I know for sure, I would not change or exchange one single thing about our life together. I love our blue life, I stand behind the badge as much as he does willingly and whole heartedly. It is such a selfless life to live for both us as we make daily sacrifices.

Yes, my hero has changed in some ways, but I love him unconditionally. He is a great man of honor and integrity. He would give his life for a stranger without thinking twice, and he carries such strength in his heart. You see, even though my husband may have changed in some small degree, I now know that I have gained a hero.

This is me, this is us, this is our blue life.

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